Best AI-Powered WordPress Plugins to Stay Competitive in 2022

Best AI-Powered WordPress Plugins to Stay Competitive

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are now accessible to WordPress users through AI-powered plugins. Currently, 77% of consumers use AI technology services or products, whether they are aware of it or not. It includes intelligent WordPress plugins.

AI applications help boost businesses running on WordPress, the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform powering over 35% of all websites to date. Initially a blogging platform, WordPress has become an extensive CMS, compared to Drupal or Joomla, and other similar platforms.

It provides a simple yet insightful platform where both beginners and experts can create and build a website regardless of the extent of their programming acuity.

AI applications and plugins improve the web design and functionality of WordPress websites. It significantly increases revenues for websites as well. AI apps direct web builders and programmers to properly distribute resources and time to create better web design and content.

With complex AI-powered WordPress plugins, web developers are best able to generate leads and rate of returning visitors. It also boosts web optimization, and brand awareness and enhances user experiences. Indeed, AI can make our lives easier.

Top 5 AI-Powered WordPress Plugins for 2022


Alter offer excellent analytics for WordPress developers.

Alter – Due to AI development, the demand for site and content monitoring from developers is considerably less. If initial configurations are made. The software continues with the various automation processes instead of conventional plugins. As a result, it generates increased content engagement for your website.

However, Alter is not fit for beginners. As the plugin requires specific instructions for the proper website and AI integration. For instance, for unique content, web developers need to program carefully how the plugin can direct site visitors to posts or pages.

Alter can offer excellent analytics for WordPress developers due to the machine learning program’s ability to research and predict the website traffic navigation and buying patterns of site visitors.

Alter looks at how long a website’s visitors stay on one page compared to the other. Content personalization is also automated, so the right content reaches the right target audience, increasing traffic.

It improves the way WordPress developers serve users’ unique needs, improving User Experience (UX).

WP A.I Assistant

P A.I Assistant is a WordPress smart virtual assistant.

WP A.I Assistant is a WordPress Smart Virtual Assistant that allows website owners to create a virtual AI-powered smart assistant with which visitors can interact. You can create intelligent conversations using this visual learning aid.

A.I Assistant’s intelligent selling features can benefit businesses greatly. You may provide suggestions and influence your consumers buying and browsing decisions. This plugin will also display your site components, guide visitors to specific pages, and submit all of your visitors’ discussion emails.

You can customize buttons, text, and JavaScript according to your needs. The website developers can easily import and export data

WP AI Assistant is also WPML-ready. You can translate custom content and use everywhere.


WordLift is an all-powered plugin that provides top-notch semantic technologies to web publishers and bloggers.

WordLift is an all-powered plugin that provides top-notch semantic technologies to web publishers and bloggers. Because AI powers it, beginners without much technical skills can get help to produce richer content that caters specifically to their target audience.

This WordPress plugin uses better content by using data to direct content choices. It takes images, data points, graphs, and the like via a content-centric and user-centric machine learning algorithm.

In addition, WordLift regularly provides data-based content recommendations to ensure that content creators publish relevant and accurate content. Schema markup and AI-powered SEO recommendations are also available through WordLift. WordLift allows you to create your site wiki, which brings your content marketing efforts to the next level.


IBM created WatsonFinds to assess the emotional effect of website content.

WatsonFinds by IBM Watson is a groundbreaking cognitive computing device that gives you the power of intelligent content through AI technology. Web designers and content developers will gain accurate insights into their content and how consumers will view it.

IBM created WatsonFinds to assess the emotional effect of website content. You can use this plugin to add intelligent, actionable tips to improve site interaction and effects.

The plugin works through the WordPress post editor interface to attach an emotional score to your content based on the words you use and other contextual factors.

However, as with all AI-powered WordPress plugins, accuracy is not guaranteed. The application can determine if you are hitting your goals but needs more data for accuracy to improve.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin is a powerful AI plugin.

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin is a powerful AI plugin that scans your site for cyberattacks like malware and viruses, backdoors and trojans, worms and shells, spyware and exploits, and JavaScript code obfuscation.

It also prevents malicious elements like iframes, code injection, code obfuscation, redirects, hidden eval code, and auto-generated content.

The WordPress AI plugin monitors if your site is blacklisted by Google and others and protects your website, site visitors, and ultimately, your online reputation.

While most plugins tend to secure websites, using an AI app for WordPress protection could be a better option for sites that receive a lot of traffic.

With AI, however, programs recognize trends in malicious activity and report activity directly to the web developer. This AI plugin can detect and report suspicious activity right away to avoid repetitive risks and issues. It aids web developers in improving security through intelligent antivirus solutions.


When customers’ interests are put first, businesses prosper. Currently, the best AI applications for WordPress serve web developers and programmers and help in improving modern businesses.

The use of customer data to develop AI solutions also improves website quality content and increases site visits and engagement.

In addition, AI solutions make investing in SEO worthwhile because it develops SEO, helps generate leads intelligently, and improve revenues efficiently.


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