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Has AI Changed the Functioning of the Advertising Industry?

AI is something that is revolutionizing each and every field. It is concerned with building smart machines that are capable of performing intelligent tasks that involved human intelligence and skills. In some cases, it does more than that and is responsible for eliminating human intervention to a minimum level.

With the advancement of AI, things have changed a lot and one can see a paradigm shift in the way things are carried out or executed these days. Once the computer was invented, people might have thought that this is it. But who might have thought that things would turn out at such level?

The advertising industry couldn’t escape from the magic of AI and has transformed to another level for the past few years. But before we talk about the miracles it had brought in the industry, we should acknowledge why it was needed in the first place.

The old techniques of advertising and marketing were going unproductive and were not giving fruitful results. Things, like printing ads, speaking engagements, or directing mailing for that matter, are entirely wiped out these days. AI is not the only hero; cloud storage has helped equally in storing the patterns, history, and results for the past so many years.

AI captures the very base of marketing and people’s demands.

AI is making possibilities happen that would never have believed a couple of years back. What is marketing all about anyways? AI captures the very base of marketing, i.e., people’s demands these days and plans future actions on the basis of it.

This is the beauty of AI; it gives the end-users the exact things they were searching for. This is all have been possible due to deep learning and optimized search. So next time whenever someone says AI don’t just think about Siri or Alexa, it’s so much more than that.

AI for TV Advertising

Advertisements on TV have also changed a lot. They have become smarter and targeting the right audience. TVs of today are 24 crosses 7 connected to the internet and smart TVs. So gone are the days of those cliché ads on which people used to change channels. They now touch the very emotion of people and are improving their watching experience simultaneously.

AI for Website Advertising

But it has facilitated digital marketers more. They were the first out of all to envision the magic of AI and incorporated it so beautifully. Ads became digital based on automated expertise. Non-TV advertisements such as websites have started relying on AI a lot. People are now getting smarter recommendations and are more satisfied with the type of service they are getting in return.

It all revolves around the searching algorithms, and Google refining your results and not showing you those neither here, nor there results anymore. This has made information appropriate and brings down the top 10 products which you were aiming for. E-commerce has benefitted the most from it.

The genuine brands which provide quality for the cost have been happier. Searching has gone beyond just that keyword pattern. Due to this, more and more e-commerce companies have started following the path of Google’s organic search. They have started investing more to improve their ranking through marketing to compete with potential rivals.

Like for example, when you search for things like “running shoes” or “gifts for a wedding,” the very first website pops up will definitely be Amazon or Flipkart. Why is this happening? Why not other small range websites top the searching list? Is it only because of the quality they provide? No, the advertising agenda they might have adopted is not aligned with the people’s current demands.

Responsive Search Ads in Action.

Have you ever observed those side ads that come when you are surfing through any website? Those ads are not now only based on previous ratings or past experiences. Video recommendations on YouTube are not now only about the type of videos they have watched in the past. AI keenly observes that which videos have been fully watched, have been forwarded, or have been viewed multiple times.

Based on this the next time, YouTube refines your video recommendations and gives you a whole personalized experience. In the midst of this, they also observe the kind of ads you must have skipped in the past and the ads you were interested in watching.

AI for Social Media Advertising

Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, etc. take away the significant time of our day. So why not aiming the audience on the platform wherein they spend an ample amount of time. According to a survey, people get attracted more towards the adds posted on these social media platforms. They seem to be more user-engaging as well as personalized.

Hence, marketers using AI through data analysis have got so much better results and a better connection with their audience for the future relationship.

Make use of AI for Social Media Advertising.

AI is not just limited to advertisements for buying and selling dominion. This has been in the news since the past few months that this AI-based online advertising is also affecting the election results. In the past Delhi elections, the AAP Janta party invested the most approximately 50-60 lakhs wherein others invested nothing near to this. Social media campaigning has effected a lot and the results are in front of you.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, AI-powered advertising is the new boom. So next time you search for anything over the internet and get the most excellent results, don’t forget to thank AI for it.


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  1. AI has changed the functioning of the advertising industry. It is now able to target ads more accurately and efficiently, which has resulted in a higher ROI for advertisers.

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