Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

A blockchain is a simple digital, public ledger that helps in storing any online transactions. It acts as the fundamental technology to develop cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. A blockchain guarantees the righteousness of a cryptocurrency by encrypting, approving, and storing transactions forever. A blockchain is the same as a bank’s data book. But unlike banks, databook […]

What Is a Cryptocurrency and Its Mechanism

Cryptocurrencies as they sound complex, the definition of it can be reduced to a simpler form. Money or currency can be defined as some kind of verified entry in a database of accounts, balances, and transactions, which takes place usually at a central server, The major problem with payment network is the so-called double spending. […]

Blockchain – A Business and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Are you considering setting up a website with WordPress and focus on cryptocurrency? Or as many say – Money of the future! But I would say that the future is already here when it comes cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Altcoin and, Ethereum. Great news, for you guys! CSSIgniter has recently released a new WordPress theme […]

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