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9 Cutting Edge Website Designs and Trends

(Want your website to look more appealing? Check out these cutting-edge website designs and trends that can be a gamechanger) Your website can only do a successful job of attracting the desired traffic if it is designed well. Undertaking period evaluation to check whether any aspects of the website can be refreshed can help you […]

10 Upcoming Design Trends in 2021 You Should Not Miss

Design trends are focusing more and more on substance, together with aesthetics. When designs are more functional, it provides more meaningful user experiences. When users are happy, they come back for more and bring more business with them. For instance, UI and UX design trends are evolving to prioritize immersive 3D elements and interactive designs. Giving […]

Review: The Unique Mandala Designs Bundle

I’m a graphic designer and freelance writer. I make living designing websites and writing copy for them. Of course, I also design flyers, banners, and various other types of advertisements. 2020 is off to an excellent start for me. And you know what I’ve noticed? Mandala designs are immensely popular. While mandala design was relatively […]

Top 6 Website Redesign Mistakes That Can Be Harmful To SEO

Website redesign is a big undertaking. It helps you start afresh, optimize core features, and remove any outdated elements. These changes are necessary because if the website is outdated, it starts losing the audience. Experts recommend updating your website at least once a month and redesigning it every 3 to 4 years. While website redesign […]

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