Review: The Unique Mandala Designs Bundle

The Unique Mandala Designs Bundle

I’m a graphic designer and freelance writer. I make living designing websites and writing copy for them. Of course, I also design flyers, banners, and various other types of advertisements.

2020 is off to an excellent start for me. And you know what I’ve noticed? Mandala designs are immensely popular. While mandala design was relatively popular in 2019, it’s outrageously in demand right now. Here is a quick example of some mandala designs I use pretty often in my work:

Mandala designs are immensely popular right now.

You can use these for basically anything you can imagine, not just for website designs and banners. You can use them as stickers, tattoo them, or print them on everything from a t-shirt to a pillow cover. If you’d like to color them, you can use your computer (Corel Draw, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) or print them and color them the old fashion way – using pencils or markers.

The Truth About Mandala Designs

The problem with mandala design is that there aren’t many to pick from. If you were to buy several bundles of designs, you would have to spend a small fortune. Fortunately, I have another excellent option for you. Why spend hundreds of dollars on 10 different bundles when you can get 1300 unique mandala designs for a lot less?

Three weeks ago, I took advantage of an incredible offer and purchased The Unique Mandala Designs Bundle from Pixelo. I didn’t know what to expect, so I just decided to give it a try. The price was so low that I absolutely couldn’t pass the offer:

The Unique Mandala Designs Bundle from Pixelo

Now, three weeks later, I can say with full confidence that these designs are fantastic. I didn’t manage to test or use every single one, because there are so many of them. However, the ones I did use were impeccable. The bundle contains both geometric forms and organic forms. Also, you get everything from Alien Mandala to Egyptian Mandala:

You get everything from Alien Mandala to Egyptian Mandala

Here Is What You’ll Receive

When it comes to mandala design, the secret is to get as many designs as possible. This way, you always have something new to work with. Every one of your designs will be different, and you can easily mix and match various vector ornaments. But what do you receive when you buy the Mandala Designs Bundle from Pixelo? Is this bundle worth the money? Let’s find out!

This is what you get, from my honest perspective:

  • An extended use license, which enables you to use the designs as many times as you like – in as many projects as you want – for free.
  • You get Steampunk Mandalas, Animal Mandalas, Sacred Geometry Mandalas, Alien Mandalas, Love and Heart Mandalas, Tribal Mandalas, and many more styles. These are very difficult to come by these days.
  • You get 3 packs of Mandala Vector Ornaments – perfect for graphic design projects.
  • The file format is Vector Eps 10, PDF, which means you can resize them with ease and color them straight away.
  • All 1300 mandalas come with a high-quality transparent PNG background (3,000 pixels in size, 300ppi quality).
  • Unlimited support for free. You can expect somebody to help you with your problem in minutes.
  • Rapid response from the Pixelo team. I did test them, and they do reply very quickly to inquiries.

Oh, and they even included Skull Mandalas in there!

You even get Skull Mandalas.

But What About the Price?

By now, you are probably wondering how much the Mandala Design Bundle costs. The original price of the bundle was $441. I think the original price was a bit steep, even for 1300 unique designs. However, it doesn’t matter. You can now buy the Unique Mandala Designs Bundle for just $29. No, I’m not joking! For less than 30 bucks, you get more mandala designs than you’ll ever need.

The deal is still active on Pixelo’s website. At the time of writing, you have 75 more days to buy this bundle. There is no catch whatsoever. There are no ambiguous terms. You don’t have to renew any subscription. You get full rights to use all 1300 designs in an unlimited number of projects. And you can even have fun coloring them with your kids:

You can even have fun coloring the print Mandalas with your kids.

Should You Get This Deal or Not?

I’m always honest when writing a review. If there were even the slightest problem with these mandala designs, I would have mentioned it here. The truth is that I can’t find anything negative to say about this bundle. If you use mandala design in your work or if you want to print mandalas on physical items, I recommend you buy this bundle. It’s incredibly cheap. Let’s be honest; nobody will offer you 1300 designs for $29. It only won’t happen.

Mandala Sacred Geometry Designs.

Check out the video below for more information about Mandala designs:

Bottom line, I consider this deal to be a very rare find. Anyone remotely interested in mandala design should own these designs. I’m 100% confident that you will thank me later! Get the Unique Mandala Designs Bundle for just $29.



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