How to Display WooCommerce Labels and Badges on an Online Store

It automatically draws the attention of customers to reliable information. If you have an extensive collection of merchandise in your store. It’s a good idea to list discounted items, new arrivals, display cases, and other thought-provoking items. Displaying tags such as “50% Off“, “Deal of the Day“, or “New” on unique products on the product […]

5 Unexpected Outcomes That Help Increase Your Sales

We know that the network of businesses is increasing and growing daily. It is becoming stronger. Due to this, the competition among business owners regarding their sales is also increasing. Old ways aren’t giving many benefits. So there creates a need for new and effective strategies that give more outcomes to increase your sales. In […]

10+ Best Referral Plugins For Your WooCommerce Store

Acquire new customers by turning your existing customers into brand advocates through your Referral program. Referral plugins can help you run a Referral program and minimize customer acquisition cost through WOM marketing. It also helps you increase your store’s credibility. As you offer exciting Referral rewards every time a customer brings in a Referral to […]

Say Thank You to Your Customers With a WooCommerce Thank You Page

Do you want your customers to stay with you for a long time; you get them to repeat visitors to your site, right? 100% as a powerful marketing tool. Why do we say this so confidently? How does this benefit your business? What is the right way to create a custom ‘WooCommerce Thank You Page‘ […]

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