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How to Display WooCommerce Labels and Badges on an Online Store

How to Display WooCommerce Labels and Badges on an Online Store

It automatically draws the attention of customers to reliable information. If you have an extensive collection of merchandise in your store. It’s a good idea to list discounted items, new arrivals, display cases, and other thought-provoking items.

Displaying tags such as “50% Off“, “Deal of the Day“, or “New” on unique products on the product listing page will help your products to stand out. Without these badges, customers may not see the trade or additional information.

Therefore, the badge helps identify products in a trade and new products that can increase your conversion rate.

WooCommerce product badges for sold items, but unfortunately, there is no way to create a tag for new products or show a discount percentage.

In this blog, we will show you how to create custom product tags in WooCommerce that will help you increase the conversion rate of your online store.

How to Display Product Labels and Badges

WooCommerce product label plugins are a great way to create creative labels for your store.

WooCommerce product label plugins are a great way to create fun labels for your store. The installation will help you quickly design badges and capture customers’ attention with regular offers and discounts at your store. You can use the plugin to promote specific products or simple parts of products.

The plugin has an easy-to-use interface that will help you work with labels on each product and the entire location in the store. In addition, some guidelines will help you choose the right name. In addition, using the classifications of individual products, you can separate a specific product from international standards.

Create custom WooCommerce labels for your store’s products, pages, and sections, or skip classes.

  • Selection of predefined WooCommerce labels & badges.
  • Make it easy to sort new labels.
  • Use pictures to enhance the impact of badges.
  • Schedule the display of badges & labels.
  • Update badges on multiple products or categories.
  • Responsive layout.

An install has a monetary cost, but small expenses can lead to higher click-through rates and, therefore, higher conversion rates. Below are some reasons for using product names and tags.

Reasons to Use Product Labels & Badges

Your online shoppers seem to get lost in your website as they browse the many options available for their desired products. At the same time, consumers are always looking for something “new“, “re-stock“, “sale items“, or “pre-order“.

You can place temporary offers on unique products based on this condition and your other needs, such as a sale or brand promotion. And, of course, you want to validate those offers so that your customers can better see and use their recommendations.

1. Draw Your Users’ Attention

Draw Your Users' Attention.

This is a typical example of all major online retailers, so it is easy for online shoppers to see. Discounts must be spaced ‘there are things that have a deal.

With the plugin, you can create custom tags that automatically show the product’s discount percentage, and with “special tags”, you can also show the actual deposit amount to the customer. 

2. Highlight New Arrivals

Another badge is that the client is easy to attract, so it identifies “new arrivals“, i.e. new products added to your portfolio.

Especially when you have repeat customers who visit your store constantly, focusing on new products is an intelligent way to add a solid touch to your store and keep your store visitors interested over time.

3. Leverage the Scarcity and Urgency Principles

Do you have any low-cost research products and would like to show this to your customers to apply the scarcity principle? Create a badge that tells your customers that only one item from that specialty bag is available and will increase the interest of your potential customers. 

You can also use discounts and promotions to show deals and promotions and create a sense of urgency. You need to create two icons, one to represent 50% of the product and the other below that says “deal of the day“.

4. Help Customers Find Desired Products

Help Customers Find Desired Products.

Product tags and pieces of paper should contain all the essential information you want to display and your customers’ needs. For example, badges associated with events serve as incentives for customers regarding holidays.

So many occasions – Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Valentine’s Day, … – benefit from the holidays. That’s when your customer will shop ahead of time, look for a good gift for particular things in their life, and help the badges identify what they might be interested in.

5. Motivate Customers

Consumers often search for “best-selling” products because they believe in the social credentials of other consumers. What consumers like, they buy to make it easier for them to say yes, just as we are all constantly influenced by other ideas.

Trending now, Deal of the Day or Employees select product tags to provide social identification for your customers. These things tell them that people like them bought this, many people recommend this product, and they will never get the chance to see this deal again. Your clients are more likely to receive a deposit before the price expires.

6. Increase the Reliability of the Products

Increase the Reliability of the Products.

It will be great if customers know your products are 100% organic or safe for children and recommended by experts. However, it is rare for consumers to read long sentences about a product written in unattractive sans-serif characters. This is why you need pieces of paper to give them. that information.

In addition, badges can give your store a professional look, as each product appears to be branded.


An excellent WooCommerce product badge and label provides many opportunities to increase sales and conversions, especially if you add them to your current marketing plan.

By combining WooCommerce product branding with generic, restricted, and branded terms. You can showcase your content and make it easier for customers to find.

Innovative use of product labels and badges on your average eCommerce website or your WooCommerce store can increase conversions and sales and strengthen your brand and credibility.

However, it is essential to add the proper WooCommerce labels and images to describe the product information on your website.

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