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Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season with SEO

Making the Most Out of the Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the holiday season – meaning it’s also the time for you to get into the holiday spirit and prep your site to boost sales.

As BigCommerce & Live Chat Inc. reported websites to receive 63% more visits on average during the holidays – it’s a great opportunity to prepare special “gifts” for your visitors!

Some brands go far and beyond to prepare for this festive season. Many opt for showing off festive surprises, such as creating seasonal marketing-campaign videos, gift-guides and styling tips.

Splurging on an expensive marketing campaign might not be an option for small businesses. As most don’t have the resources to go toe-to-toe with industry behemoths. This is where seasonal SEO comes in. Seasonal SEO involves customizing your SEO strategy to a particular season and its trends.

Know Your Best Keywords

When the holiday season kicks off, you’ll notice a spike in a few particular keywords. For example, keywords such as “delivery”, “deals” or “coupons” will stay on top during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the busiest shopping season. You might also notice a rise in “gifts” and “decorations” in the weeks leading to Christmas.

Getting an idea of what the high-ranking keywords are during this season can help you figure out what content you should be created to generate traffic to your site.

Keyword research is crucial to your Holiday SEO strategy, but it’s only a part of the big picture. To get the most out of it, pay attention to content creation, site optimization and using evergreen URLs. For more information about seasonal SEO for your holiday campaign, check out the infographic below!

Holiday SEO: Are You on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List?

Holiday SEO: Are You on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List? – Please include attribution to with this graphic.

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