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7 Strategies to Boost Sales Around Christmas Time

Strategies to Boost Sales Around Christmas Time

What do you expect from 2018? You wish for health, success including financial stability, as well as some personal achievements. Certainly, there are things you are not supposed to achieve, but you should be lucky enough to have them in your life.

However, some part of your reality is dependent on your attitude. More specifically, both your mood and motivation influence the actions you are ready to take in order to achieve a particular goal. For example, if you own a business website, you must be motivated to discover online strategies to boost sales around Christmas time. So, let’s explore 7 strategies that come to nurture your motivation.

1. Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimize Your Landing Page

A beautiful landing page is one of the most important counterparts on your path to capture the attention of your site visitors. What’s more, it gives us the first impression of the website. So, take care making it cheerful, informative and impressive.

2. Concentrate on Upselling and Cross-Selling (Add-On Sales)

Concentrate on Upselling and Cross-Selling to Boost Sales.

Upselling and cross-selling are among the most successful strategies applied both in online and traditional marketing. Upselling consists in offering options of better quality than the item bought. Cross-selling (add-on sales) suggests offering accessories to fulfill the main product purchased. Like depicted in the picture, you can offer your customers a beautiful umbrella next to the stylish raincoat or make the offer after the purchase.

3. Think of Classifying Your Offers

Think of Classifying Your Offers.

Classification of offers and gifts makes it easier for your site visitors to navigate your website and find the items they want. Whether you would like to buy a present for a man, a woman or for a kid. It is super convenient to look up the suggestions in the corresponding sections like it is pictured on the image.

4. Offer Your Customers Gift Cards for Different Purposes

Offer Your Customers Gift Cards for Different Purposes.

Well, for sure, we can’t anticipate anyone’s taste or wishes. Perhaps, we can guess somehow which gift will be preferable for the recipient. But that decision can’t be so precise and accurate. So, just giving a gift card as a present is a brilliant solution to the problem. This way, the recipient will come to your store and will certainly be happy to make a purchase at his/her discretion. Classify the gift cards according to their purpose and showcase them on your website.

5. Offer Free Shipping on Bigger Purchases

Offer Free Shipping on Bigger Purchases.

Wish to make big sales in the course of the celebrations? Then you should encourage your future customers to make big orders. With this aim, you can offer free shipping on pricier orders.  As a result, customers believe that they buy a more valuable item at a comparably lower overall price as the shipping costs are not included.

6. Make Use of 3 for 2 Offers to Engage More Customers

Make Use of 3 for 2 Offers to Engage More Customers

This strategy is quite an effective one as it gives a chance to sell out those items that tend to remain “on the shelves” by combining them with high-liquidity items.

7. Leverage Popups to Attract Attention

Leverage Popups to Attract Attention

Of course, the integration of these features on your website’s landing page makes your website very attractive and engaging. More specifically, it gives a holiday mood to your site. But it’s time to announce that there exists another effective functionality in the online marketing world. The latter comes up with beautiful and compact pop-up windows that are irreplaceable for attracting attention.

The configuration of the necessary settings given to pop-up ads is all in your hands. The only stipulation is that you should make them as polite and exquisite as possible. Whether you would like to create a feeling of urgency in your plausible customers, to ensure presence on multiple social pages, to prevent abandoning visitors from performing the act or just attract your site visitors attention to your offer, all of this is possible applying different types of pop-up ads.

In addition, there are also popup types such as the video popup and the subscription popup that come to fulfill video and email marketing campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Christmas is a time for lively and joyful celebrations. For most people, this is a wonderful occasion for surprising their loved ones with beautiful gifts. But selecting a gift might also be a tough task. Thus, the holiday period is a good occasion for website owners to make the task easier by making sales and exclusive offers stand out. In order not to lose out to the competition, you should compete for the plausible customers’ attention.

For this purpose, apply exceptional online marketing strategies like the ones discussed in this article. And don’t forget about the popups as the latter are the champions when it comes to attracting attention. They have the real power to increase and boost sales if applied to the point. So, we wish you to start the year successfully by applying effective marketing techniques and to keep it up all the year round.

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