Emerging Threats in Cybersecurity: What to Watch Out For in 2023

Since the latter part of the ’90s, when the dot-com boom ushered the world into the online era, cybersecurity has been an extensive concern. Fast forward over two decades, and we find ourselves in a situation where extraordinary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, contested elections, escalating sociopolitical unrest in various regions, and increasing cybercrimes […]

How Does Website Security Affect SEO Ranking?

Website security should be a top-of-mind concern for website owners. However, most of them do not think about web security until they encounter malware or ransomware attacks.  Website growth is increasing, and so are the cyber threats that proliferate the internet. But the lack of proactivity when it comes to web security is alarming. It […]

5 WordPress Security Measures You Need to Consider Before You Hit the Publish Button

No software is 100% secure. There are always some ways in which a website can be breached. Same goes for WordPress. WordPress is the highest and most populated CMS used by the web developers out there. But with strong attention comes most insane breaches in the website. But the good part is, if you’re willing […]

5 Top of the Line WordPress Security Plugins – 2021

WordPress is recognized as the most credible and convenient Content Management System serving 25% of total websites working online globally. It lets the bloggers innovate their web pages, add attractive layouts, design a fascinating theme, and do many other things to increase their website’s appearance. After all the efforts, there are still some unavoidable loopholes […]

5 Great WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Website Secure

As you probably know, WordPress is one of the largest and most popular blog platforms you can use. It’s easy to buy a domain, install WordPress, and get started with blogging. It’s a great feeling when the first article is published. It is simply addicting to write and publish articles. I know, I have written […]

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