5 Top of the Line WordPress Security Plugins – 2021

Security WordPress Plugins

WordPress is recognized as the most credible and convenient Content Management System serving 25% of total websites working online globally. It lets the bloggers innovate their web pages, add attractive layouts, design a fascinating theme, and do many other things to increase their website’s appearance.

After all the efforts, there are still some unavoidable loopholes that give bloggers a cringing feeling every time they are managing their domains. Security from cyber theft and piracy is crucial in the world of WordPress. It doesn’t provide any hulking security to prevent the website from spammers and wandering hackers.

History has seen various massive hacking, exposed loopholes deteriorating websites, nulled themes devastating privacy, old WP versions killing the website’s security, etc.

However, now there are numerous WordPress security plugins that can fulfill the purpose of achieving the anticipated security.

It’s 2021, giving us negative vibes regarding the critically evolving threats of cyber-security; however, we can secure our WordPress websites with the mentioned-below WordPress security plugins:

1. Wordfence

Great WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Website Secure

Wordfence is usually seen atop all the best WordPress security plugins available on the internet. Why? It is the most trusted plugin installed by more than 4 million users on the global level.

Its live traffic feature gives you the ongoing traffic summary instantly and notifies any hack or cyber-attack attempt in real-time.

The two-step authentication log-in method ensures security on every level. You can log in to the multi-browser/site compatible source via your smartphones quite easily.

Wordfence comes with a blocking feature that readily blocks the black-listed hackers. Also, it actively bars any malevolent networks, servers, and websites. It scans signatures of more than 4400 already known malware versions.

Furthermore, it cross-checks every new repository and theme introduced to your WP website.

It is often used on mega levels worldwide, such as Government and military. Undoubtedly, it can be the spot of choice to boost your WordPress security game.

2. Sucuri Security

Great WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Website Secure

In the talks about WP security, we often hear about Sucuri Security. It is a globally identified WordPress security plugin that delivers authorized security patterns to a WP website.

It has a varied number of security-related features, such as Security Activity Audit Logging. That particular feature keeps a registry and backlog of all the tasks performed on your website to keep it more secure. It refers that hackers face a really tough time while trying to break into your website’s private data.

File Integrity Monitoring is another very intriguing feature. After installing the Sucuri Security plugin, a “Known Good” is automatically created for your website. If at any point, your WP website deviates from the Known Good, there is surely some trouble going on. And you will be informed about it right on time.

It has a powerful malware scanning engine, SiteCheck, that performs the most inspective scan ever.

While Post Hack Security Actions help you retrieve your lost data after an adverse attack.

It is free for every WordPress user.

3. iThemes Security

Great WordPress Plugins to Keep Your Website Secure

iThemes Security is one of the most trusted WP security plugins worldwide.

It automatically bans those attackers that were previously involved in attacking other websites. This way, it takes strict action against brute cyber attackers and hackers. It incredibly reports and blocks IP addresses that failed multiple login attempts to keep your website protected.

Moreover, it scans, reports, and fixes vulnerabilities right at the moment. You can also get your site clean of any malicious bots, user agents, and other bad hosting servers with iThemes Security.

It greatly strengthens server security by providing optimal password protection.

The two-way authentication lets you generate a specific code through a mobile app, most likely Authenticator.

iThemes deliver the code to your email so you can add an extra layer of protection to your WP website.

4. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

As the name delivers, this WP plugin offers BulletProof Security to your dearie WP website. Bulletproof security is a one-stop show to fulfill all the security requisites of your website. It secures your web domain against SQL injection, code injection hackings, RFI, CRLF, and XSS. It is a nice treat for beginners, and that’s why any novice WordPress blogger can easily use it without any difficulty.

Your WP website can enjoy an unbreakable firewall from brute force login attacks. While it also secures the data backup of your web domain.

The BulletProof jacket delivers tons of other powerful features like One-Click Setup Wizard, .htaccess Website Security Protection (Firewalls), Hidden Plugin Folders|Files Cron (HPF), Login Security & Monitoring, Idle Session Logout (ISL), and Auth Cookie Expiration (ACE).

The pro version has many superior features, however, the “503 under maintenance” page wins the game so smoothly.

5. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WordPress Security Plugins - It identifies Trojan horses, rootkits, redirection, worms, fraud tools, adware etc.

The WP Antivirus Site Protection plugin is greatly in demand as it skeptically detects and removes any bad viruses and malicious scripts/codes. It identifies Trojan horses, rootkits, redirection, worms, fraud tools, adware, ransomware, spyware, backdoors, and any hidden links, etc.

In Conclusion

Choosing WordPress Security plugins for a website is a serious decision for your blogging career because one bad choice can become a forever repenting sin. So, choose wisely and carefully!

Wrapping up and adding in the most important part of the debate, apart from choosing a WordPress security plugin, you must go for any critical security testing services like Kualitatem to achieve the holy security and user accumulation. While there are defect management tools like Kualitee available in the market that assure no loophole or vulnerability is left unattended on your website.


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  1. B. Frances
    April 27, 2018 /

    Outstanding listing! Thanks for your hard research.
    I want to recommend you to try one more security related plugin called User Activity Log. This is a free and fully responsive WordPress plugin that helps to moniter all users activity like post added, theme changes, etc. and also get notified to site admin when selected user login to the admin area.

  2. michael amaral
    June 26, 2018 /

    Great collection of plugins here.
    I have found one more security plugin which User Blocker WordPress plugin.
    This is a free WordPress security plugin that provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly.
    It has features such as Counter, Block User, Unblock User, Role Based Block User, View Blocked User etc.

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