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Trending Digital Marketing Tools To Become a Great Content Writer In Just 30 Days

Trending Digital Marketing Tools To Become a Great Content Writer In Just 30 Days

Professional bloggers, as they can engage in content writing, always remain geared up for wearing a multitude of hats. Not only are their contents top-notch, but they are equally adept at marketing, design, social media, etc. Some of the essential skills that they focus on developing are CSS & HTML basics, amalgamating analytical data, etc.

But amidst this intense competition, where do you stand? Are you struggling hard to keep your readers hungry for more of your content?

You need automation in the context of your daily routines so that you can emphasize more on content writing & not spend hours & hours on proofreading. It is the space where you need to benefit from advanced digital marketing tools. You can polish the contents you write easily with these tools.

The job prospects for sound content writers are blooming as well. For instance, through your content, you can always assist a mobile app development company in communicating better & convincingly with their clients.

List of Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator helps you to update search results numerous times until you find the perfect match for your topic.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator – The headline of any content is the very first thing that a reader notices. Depending on how catchy it is, they decide whether to read further or not. So if you find it challenging to craft beguiling headlines, content marketing tools like Portent’s content idea generator always comes handy.

These digital marketing tools generate simplistic ideas sometimes but can also provoke you to transform the way you proposed to deliver the ideas first. The tool enables you to update search results numerous times until you find the perfect match for your topic.


Reddit is one of best arketing software tools.

Reddit – This is one of those content marketing software tools from which you can benefit a lot. Why? It is because though it comes with a primordial user-interface, it is used all over the world for discussing burning topics. As you participate in discussions, as a blogger, you can draw in advantages & even opt for expert advice.

This platform is also beneficial for tracking the headlines that receive the most amounts of rejoinders and reactions from readers. Use Reddit correctly in your content marketing strategy & you can establish yourself as a renowned blogger very soon.


Dropbox is one of the best digital marketing productivity tools.

Dropbox – When it comes to content creation, your lookout should not just be for the best digital marketing tools list. It is equally important to emphasize planning. It will help in keeping all the editing procedures on time & track. You will never need to miss a deadline again.

Dropbox is considered as one of the most fantastic digital marketing productivity tools. It is because, with this, you get hands-on virtual file storage that can be accessed from all devices. The tool even lets you exchange big sized videos & you can work jointly on a similar post or presentation.

Infographic Video Maker

With Visme Infographic Video Maker you can create great animated infographic videos.

Infographic Video Maker – Like it is said in the very beginning, content creators need to adapt to numerous other things these days to cope with the competition. Among those, emphasizing infographics is a must. The list of digital marketing tools concerning this area is numerous, but an Infographic video maker is a very reliable one.

As you use such tools for forming your content, users can easily digest the information that you want to display in a visually enjoyable manner. The looks that Infographics offer also suits very well with the recent flat design trends. Readers are highly fond of such things these days.

Featuring some of these in your blog or website in the current times is a must. You can even opt for animated infographics. These tools ease out the entire process.

Yoast SEO

 Yoast SEO help tune up your content as it will evaluate things like keyword analysis, suggestions, page content analysis, etc.

Yoast SEO – As a content creator, now you very well know the importance of SEO. Without incorporating SEO, your content will hold no value. Depending on the keywords that you use in the contents, the backlinks that you input, or the permalinks, Google decides whether your blog or website is as per their algorithm or not.

So if your contents are not according to that, not only your blog loses the chance of topping the SERPs, but your blog might get penalized.

Get hands-on digital marketing tools mastery like Yoast SEO that is a WordPress plugin for understanding whether your contents are well optimized or not. This SEO plugin will help tune up your content as it will evaluate things like keyword analysis, suggestions, page content analysis, etc.

The features of such tools also incorporate sitemap support for helping Bing & Google index the blogs more speedily.

Final Say

The list of these fantastic digital marketing tools that you find in this content will soon become your reliable assistants. With these tools, you can do anything, starting from forming unique topics to designing infographics, etc. Automatically you will find it easier to save time that will let you be more productive with your content.

At our mobile app development company, not only can we offer you sound digital marketers to help your content writing journey take flight, but we hire dedicated content writers from time to time as well. Keep on checking our website every few days for fresh updates. Stay tuned!


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