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How 20 Famous Brands Websites Looked in the Past?

How Major Brands Websites Looked in the Past?

You are probably familiar with many of the big brands that exist today, such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and others. You probably use many of these influential brands every day through their websites or, more likely, their apps through your phones.

There is a massive increase in smartphone users worldwide when comparing statistics from recent years. Statista has compiled a statistic with the number of smartphone users worldwide from 2016 to 2021, and the number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion in 2020.

I guess you usually visit social media channels like Facebook, Amazon, WordPress, and more famous brands quite often! I do! You probably know their websites, and their layout looks like! If something changes, you probably notice it immediately, right?

But what did their websites look like when they started many years ago when no smartphones or tablets were available!

In today’s article, we take a stroll down the memory lane and take a look at how 20 famous worldwide brands websites look in the past!

How did 20 Famous Brands Websites look in the Past?


WordPress website layout 2003.

WordPress – Screenshot – Jun 18, 2003


Google website layout 1998.

Google – Screenshot – Dec 02, 1998


Microsoft website layout 1998.

Microsoft – Screenshot – Dec 05, 1998


IBM website layout 1997.

IBM – Screenshot – Apr 16, 1997


Apple website layout 1999.

Apple – Screenshot – Oct 12, 1999


Adobe website layout 1996.

Adobe – Screenshot – Oct 22, 1996


Amazon website layout 1999.

Amazon – Screenshot – Oct 13, 1999


eBay website layout 1999.

eBay – Screenshot – Sep 14, 1999


HP website layout 1996.

HP – Screenshot – Dec 20, 1996


Facebook website layout 2005.

Facebook – Screenshot – Aug 07, 2015


PayPal website layout 2000.

PayPal – Screenshot – Nov 09, 2000


Coca Cola website layout 1999.

Coca-Cola – Screenshot – Oct 13, 1999


Famous Brands Websites - Pepsi website layout 1996.

Pepsi – Screenshot – Nov 1996


Famous Brands Websites - McDonald's website layout 1997.

McDonald’s – Screenshot – Jan 13, 1997


Famous Brands Websites - Disney website layout 1997.

Disney – Screenshot – June 23, 1997


Famous Brands Websites - BMW website layout 1996.

BMW – Screenshot – Oct 30, 1996


Famous Brands Websites - IKEA website layout 1999.

IKEA – Screenshot – Feb 25, 1999


Famous Brands Websites - Colgate website layout 1996.

Colgate – Screenshot – Nov 01, 1996


Famous Brands Websites - FedEx website layout 1996.

FedEx – Screenshot – Dec 19 1996

Wrapping Up

Times are changing, and so is website design. As you can see in the pictures, these famous brands’ websites looked quite different twenty years ago. Click on the links below the respective image to see how these websites look today. Big difference, right?

To take screenshots of all famous brands websites web design from the past, we have used the tool Internet Archive – Wayback Machine. With this great tool, you can explore more than 431 billion web pages from the beginning of the Internet.


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