MilesWeb Review – Cheap and Efficient VPS Hosting Service

MilesWeb Review - Cheap and Efficient VPS Hosting Service

I’m sure you’re aware that you’re sharing your hosting with a lot of people. Do you believe it is possible to grow more in a collaborative environment?

Web hosting services serve a specific purpose. First, they provide you with an online presence by hosting your website. Likewise, a powerful hosting service is essential if your website receives a lot of traffic.

One of the reasons your website receives a lot of traffic is that it offers value to the traffic. It provides them with a better user experience, which aids in the growth of the business.

That is why it is critical to move to more reliable hosting that will continue to provide value.

VPS hosting can withstand a high load. It can provide you with more than shared hosting. When you use shared hosting, you share space and resources. But with VPS hosting, you own the entire virtual server.

Even if your website receives thousands of visitors per day, a VPS will ensure efficiency and a smooth running website.

Business expansion urges for more resources and work. However, you cannot heighten your firm with limited features and resources as it necessitates more space.

If you don’t have privacy, your business will suffer. It requires a separate environment in order for the business website to produce better results. And a VPS is a virtual server that allows you complete privacy.

Shared hosting becomes less efficient over time. It does not produce the same results. It also limits resources and server space after a while. In fact, there are additional security risks once your site starts growing.

It is adequate for beginners. However, it may not be the best option in the long run. Because there is a sharing of space, the traffic of other websites will affect yours.

Similarly, If malicious websites are hosted on your server, the performance of your website will also suffer.

In such cases, a virtual private server (VPS) offers efficiency, security, privacy, and much more.


MilesWeb is a good option for VPS servers. They are a fantastic web hosting company. They have been serving their customers since 2012. Plus, their accomplishments have aided small and medium-sized businesses in better growth.

MilesWeb provides a variety of web hosting services, including VPS hosting. They also offer additional services such as an SSL certificate. Although their plans include a free SSL, you can purchase one separately if you prefer.

MilesWeb is a low-cost hosting provider. They have received numerous awards and recognitions, allowing them to serve an increasing number of customers.

There are over 39,000 active and satisfied customers on board. They are successfully assisting their websites in growing in terms of quality and consistency.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Service

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting service includes two options: cheap Linux VPS hosting and best windows VPS server¬†hosting. There are a few plans under each of them as well. In addition, depending on your needs, you get to choose between managed and unmanaged plans.

Managed plans typically benefit users with fewer technical skills. It also helps users who lack the time and funds to hire a dedicated employee for the task. Such users can purchase managed VPS services from the host, who will provide full support.

On the other hand, the user is responsible for the server in unmanaged VPS services. Unmanaged VPS hosting services are an option if you are technically savvy.

MilesWeb also provides full SSH root access in both managed and unmanaged plans. So, if you choose managed services and want to make changes on your own, you can do so.

There are numerous advantages to using MilesWeb web hosting services. They offer fantastic features that will assist you in growing your business.

Their managed VPS plans start at Rs. 630/ after a 25% discount. There are approximately ten packages available under managed VPS hosting service. They all include 100% resources, ensuring that you have the best experience possible.

Unmanaged VPS plans begin at Rs. 480/m. Because the management task is in your hands here, the plans are slightly less expensive than managed services.

Benefits of Hosting with MilesWeb

Money-Back Guarantee

MilesWeb guarantees money back to VPS users in the event of any unmet expectations. However, for them to consider and initiate the refund to the original source, you must request it within the first thirty days.

Uptime of 99.99%

MilesWeb has a 99.99% uptime guarantee for its users. So you don’t have to be concerned about downtime or server issues. You will always be able to serve your visitors.

Dedicated IP

In contrast to shared hosting, your IP address is not shared with other users. Instead, you will be assigned a unique and dedicated IP address, which will help to secure your server and provide authenticity.

SSL Certificate for Free

An SSL certificate secures and protects all critical information on the server, and MilesWeb includes it with all of its web hosting services for free. As a result, It can assist you in providing your visitors with a secure and authentic browsing experience.

Completely Managed

If you choose managed VPS service, you will have access to an expert team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will always assist you with any questions you may have.

Wrap Up

When the website begins to grow, it is preferable to have privacy. Any possibility of activities that could affect growth eliminates. Furthermore, VPS hosting is a powerful hosting option. It can provide a high level of security and privacy.

MilesWeb is also a well-known provider of low-cost VPS hosting services. They will provide you with excellent customer service 24/7.

This post is a guest post by MilesWeb.

MilesWeb Review – Cheap and Efficient VPS Hosting Service

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