MilesWeb Review: Supreme Dedicated Hosting for Smooth Performance

MilesWeb Review: Supreme Dedicated Hosting for Smooth Performance

Enhancing your online presence is easy when you opt for the right web hosting service. But there are so many options out there that you might get confused. Shared, WordPress, cloud, VPS, dedicated, and Linux reseller hosting.

Initially, if you don’t want to invest much, you can start with shared hosting. 

But, as your business blossoms, you then start falling short of resources. It is time you start looking for other hosting options. VPS and dedicated hosting are high-capacity hosting solutions. 

Virtual Private Server

VPS is ideal for websites with high-traffic websites. But if you require more functionalities, power, and security, dedicated hosting is your way to go. 

Dedicated hosting gives you a completely isolated environment with no sharing of resources. A dedicated hosting platform gives you the utmost level of power that your high-demanding website or application requires. 

Also, you don’t have to be concerned about security. The level of security you get with dedicated hosting is 100%. You receive SSH root access to your server.

It allows you to configure the server according to your requirements. You can even customize the server in the way you want to install applications of your choice. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Through the years, dedicated server hosting has helped websites reduce the risk of any threats or security breaches. Dedicated servers are highly reliable as they give a safe browsing experience to your visitors. 

Also, we always want our websites to load faster, and, for this. It is vital to have a smooth-running website. If your current web hosting service is affecting the performance of your website. Or you are getting any server-related issues, a dedicated server can meet its needs. 

There are two types of dedicated hosting – Linux and Windows dedicated server hosting. I hope you now have a clear idea about dedicated hosting. Now one more question must be there in your mind about where I should purchase the hosting service.

My recommendation for you would be MilesWeb. MilesWeb is a fast-paced and growing web hosting company from India. 

MilesWeb offers robust and dynamic dedicated hosting services at the best price points. Also, with their hosting plans, you get the best features. 

MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Plans & Pricing

MilesWeb offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. 

Their dedicated hosting plans are unmanaged by default. Their unmanaged hosting plans start at Rs.6,999/m. Additionally, they have in all fifteen hosting plans.

MilesWeb offers managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. 

E5-2609 2.4GHz is the basic plan starting at Rs.6,999/m. With this plan, you get 8 GB of RAM, 480 GB SSD disk space, 1TB bandwidth, and one dedicated IP. 

2x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz is the advanced plan with 40 cores. With this plan, you get 256 GB of RAM, 5 TB of Bandwidth, 2 TB SSD disk space, and one dedicated IP address. 

From the fifteen plans. You can pick one that best meets the requirements of your high-demanding website or application.

Range of Control Panels

The dedicated server management is not a trouble with a wide range of available control panels. The control panels available with MilesWeb are cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Webuzo. 

You can select the control panel according to your requirement from the available options. 

Intel Xeon Processors

On MilesWeb’s dedicated servers, they make use of Intel Xeon processors. Moreover, the powerful and advanced generation of Intel Xeon processors has more CPU cores.

For a top-notch performance, Intel Xeon processors are what you need. They are best for running heavy resource websites or applications.

No Setup Fees

MilesWeb’s dedicated server experts will swiftly deploy the dedicated server for you without spending a lot of time. Furthermore, they have servers already in stock. It will be deployed in four hours after you place an order. 

Rapid Provisioning

With the dedicated servers of MilesWeb. You have the freedom to install the operating system on the server. Windows or Linux. Of course, you also have to choose the operating system of your choice and inform them that your setup gets ready in just a couple of minutes. 

Root/Administrative Access

With a dedicated server, you get full root access. Which also allows you to modify a file on the server. You can make configurations according to your requirements install and delete applications you want.

Additionally, you can securely access and transfer files on your dedicated server through the Secure Shell Transfer Protocol (SSTP). 

Host Unlimited Websites

There is no limit on resource usage with MilesWeb dedicated server. You can host as many websites as you want under one dedicated server. When you host numerous websites under one dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about maintenance as it becomes simple.

Wrapping Up

Dedicated servers are an ideal choice for hosting high-demanding websites or applications. Growth is in every phase of business.

Furthermore, opting for a dedicated hosting platform can help you achieve great success in your business. Get started with MilesWeb dedicated server plan and take benefit of their features and affordable pricing. 

This post is a guest post by MilesWeb.

MilesWeb Review: Supreme Dedicated Hosting for Smooth Performance

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