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Infographic – 11 Tips To Create an Optimized Landing Page From Scratch

How To Create an Optimized Landing Page From Scratch

All marketers make use of landing pages for varied marketing campaigns. However, if you have used a landing page for your SEO or social media campaign, but have not yielded much from it, then the issue would have been common landing page mistakes.

Creating a landing page is easy, thanks to the variety of tools that are available. But, while creating a landing page is easy, ensuring that it is well-optimized to drive conversion is a different ballgame altogether.

An unoptimized landing page may be one of the reasons why your website is not converting. Thus, it is important to know the basic/key elements of landing page before you begin the process of building one.

So what are these key elements for building a landing page?

Well, there are quite a few, namely; benefit-focused content, descriptive CTA, short and simple lead capture form, among others. The design of the landing page also needs to be well-structured and clutter-free. This will help reduce bounce rate considerably.

Also, to build trust among users displaying social proof on your landing page is another factor you need to pay heed to.

Building an optimized and high-converting landing page becomes easier when you know what key elements to include in it. Thus, if you are in the process of building a landing page, then here is an infographic that can come in handy.

This infographic has listed the 11 tips to create an optimized landing page from scratch. By following this landing page checklist, you’d be able to create a perfect landing page that helps capture leads and boosts sales & conversion.

You can also refer to this landing page guide to understand each landing page key factors better. So, check out this infographic now and begin the process of building a well-optimized landing page!

The Anatomy Of A (Perfect) Landing Page [Infographic] by the team at LeadForest

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page Infographic

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