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Trending Social Networks You Can Use with Instagram in 2022

Trending Social Networks You Can Use with Instagram

Instagram is a growing social media trend for quite some time, and unlike other image-sharing apps, it continues to dominate the niche today. Here are a few things to note about Instagram.

With over 1 Billion monthly active users (MAUs),  one can say that everyone on the planet appears to have an Instagram account for every sixth person. The number of active regular Instagram users is close to 500 million daily active users (DAUs).

To become a successful digital marketer, you need to harness the power of Instagram for your marketing strategies. Instagram is one of the most popular and trending social networks globally due to its integration with Facebook. It is the most widely used image sharing and editing application.

It was established in 2012. With the rise of Instagram as a dominant social media platform, many influencers now have massive social media followings across multiple networks.

Now, let us quickly look at the different social media platforms that complement Instagram to build your online experience.

1. FaceBook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website that allows people to interact with their friends and family.

Facebook is a social networking website that allows people to interact with their friends and family using various communication techniques such as status updates, photos, and links to other online material.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while a Harvard undergraduate as a platform for students to communicate and socialize online. The idea clicked and quickly spread and became a worldwide sensation, with 160 million monthly active users. However, to capitalize on Facebook’s popularity for your small company, you must first understand how to use Facebook’s features.

– Pages: You may acquire a free Facebook account by creating a company profile that includes your location, hours of operation, and phone number. Facebook allows you to personalize your profile by uploading a large cover image and profile image, which allows you to display your corporate logo. Furthermore, every Facebook page is publicly available and appears in search engine results.

– Likes: After you’ve created your company page, invite existing customers and friends to “Like” it. Every time you publish to your corporate page, everyone who ‘Likes‘ your page receives an update. As a result, your website is an excellent venue for publicizing your company’s news, such as upcoming discounts or special promotions.

The page’s status updates appear for free in the news feeds of everyone who has liked your business, allowing you to reach out to your core consumer base. Customers can also share your material, post comments, and contact the page administrator directly through Facebook, which increases participation.

– Photo Albums: Incorporating photos of your company and its employees will help your clients get to know you better. If you wish to use this function, you may publish photos directly to your Facebook profile and then organize them into photo albums to make them easier to find. You may also caption the photos once they’ve been uploaded. Users may also browse the picture albums and leave specific comments on photos.

Business Tools: The establishment of a Facebook business profile gives advantageous commercial possibilities. The Facebook Insights feature evaluates the impact of each post on your consumers, evaluating each post and determining how well it performs among your client base.

The information visitors offer about their age, gender, and area. How they found your website allows you to fine-tune your marketing strategy and better target your audience. Facebook provides corporate pages with advertising and promotion options to help you get a competitive advantage.


VSCO has a plethora of editing features so you can thoroughly modify your shot before exporting to Instagram.

VSCO offers free filters that frequently outperform Instagram’s in-app alternatives in terms of quality and professionalism. The tool also has a plethora of editing features (such as customizable sharpening, brightness/contrast, and skin tone correction) so you can thoroughly modify your shot before exporting it to Instagram.

Furthermore, VSCO, like Instagram, has its social capabilities: you can follow individuals directly on VSCO and upload and share images from inside the app.

3. Snapseed

The Snapseed app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Snapseed is available for iOS and Android devices. When your photo contains various degrees of darkness and brightness, you don’t want to auto-enhance it all. Snapseed’s brush tool lets you modify exposure, saturation, and color temperature selectively, which is perfect for instances when you’d prefer to edit selectively.

Snapseed also provides a lot of flexibility and fine-tuning, and tools for removing minor flaws or undesirable items.

4. Pixlr

Trending Social Networks - Pixlr allows you to edit images, create filters with effects, overlays, and textures.

Pixlr allows you to create filters with effects, overlays, and textures. When you’re satisfied with a filter you’ve made, you may store it and use it again. It might be helpful if you are attempting to create a distinct brand image. Pixlr also allows you to modify your brightness and sharpness selectively. It also contains a red-eye fixer and a variety of photo-editing tools.

5. Litely

Trending Social Networks - Litely provides distinctively delicate filters intending to enhance a photograph's natural attractiveness.

Litely – If you’re tired of photographs that appear overly filtered and manipulated, Litely is the app for you. The app provides distinctively delicate filters intending to enhance a photograph’s natural attractiveness. You may make modifications to the image by dragging your finger anywhere on it, and you can compare the “before” and “after” versions by tapping your finger.

You may even select several versions of the same filter (such as “argyle,” “argyle bright,” or “argyle faded”) to ensure that the filter blends in with your shot.


It is worth mentioning that Instagram has shown to be useful even for businesses. An excellent technique for establishing a solid online presence on social media and the internet. Minor and significant organizations may now utilize this social networking platform to promote their brands, products, and services.

Instagram-style social media networks make it easier to build up a company that has been locked out. Furthermore, the new standard economy allows micro-businesses, such as micro-SAAS enterprises, to display their operations and generate leads without spending a lot of money.

However, other applications such as Instagram are also accessible. Customers who use various channels will be relieved to learn that they can obtain comparable results and experiences.

Though it may be challenging to maintain, you can never have too many social media applications, especially if you’re a business looking to contact as many prospective consumers or customer groups as possible. You may also utilize the strategies and tools listed here to create content, engage with people, and advertise your business.

Social media platforms come in a variety of flavors. You can use these social media platforms to benefit your business. Get clear on your goals, think imaginatively, and, most importantly, keep it human.

Mayleen Meñez used to work in media before finding her true passion in NGO work, traveling the Philippines and Asia doing so. She homeschools 3 kids and loves reinventing Filipino dishes. She is a resident SEO writer for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand.

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