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4 WordPress Themes for Your Service & Business Website

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You know there are two kinds of businesses. One is a manufacturing business, and the other is a service business. Manufacturing has to do with coming with different types of products that can be physically consumed, whereas the services industry sells the experience such as tourism, insurance, consultancy, etc.

So now that you know the difference between the two. You should be aware that maintaining an online presence for any business is crucial in this day and age. Therefore, as much as it is important for the manufacturing concerns to have a website. It is equally important for the service business.

WordPress as well know, is probably the most simple and easy to learn and understand kind of platform. With its themes, you can create good-looking websites. Moreover, it comes with free content management software that enables you to alter your website without learning to code.

In this article, we have compiled a list of themes that will allow you to develop sites based on WordPress quickly.

Great WordPress Themes for Your Service & Business Website

Indo Lite

Indo lite is a free business WordPress Theme with easy-to-use website layouts.

Indo lite is a free business WordPress Theme that offers you professional and easy-to-use website layouts with a clear and clean design.

This free Responsive WordPress theme supports you in search engines with SEO-friendly coding. In addition, you can easily use an online shop for selling your products as it is WooCommerce-compatible.

Indo lite contains numerous design features that you can easily adapt to your needs. Without any coding skills, this theme can assist you to construct your professional website easily. For more advanced features for your future needs, you can also get the premium version of this theme. 

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Responsive has been rated the best by users and out of its 320 reviews, 275 have given it a perfect score!

If you are looking to create a site that oozes flexibility, then Responsive should be your pick. It is based on responsive grid design, allowing the viewing to adjust accordingly on whichever device it is being accessed on.

This theme has been rated the best by users, and out of its 320 reviews, 275 have given it a perfect score! So from a service business perspective, it can be a great choice.

Why? Those businesses seek to stay in touch with their clients. No matter where they are at any point in time will find that Responsive helps them reach a massive chunk of visitors without appearing as a turnoff for them.

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evolve is one of the few WordPress themes that are more website oriented.

It does not offer the best bloggy look out there. But it is one of the few WordPress themes that are more website-oriented or offer styles/options most suited for a mature business website feel.

It provides users with a big image space at the top while dropping a couple of big links to sub-pages beneath.

Furthermore, these subpages can do wonders for your service business since it highlights all the major areas on the site of your business. An example could be that of a plumbing website.

The owner can drop links on the site to drain clearing, emergency leak repair, and hot water tank installation, among other things. This way, customers are directed towards exactly where they should be, and your chances of getting business to become elevated.

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Colorway is a clean and simple theme that has packs the look of a classic blog.

It is a clean and simple theme that has packs the look of a classic blog. It comes with space for a big picture at the top. Along with a place for featured links whereby your clients can be easily taken to different areas of your website.

With Colorway, you have the ability to drag and drop stock images, and they will come looking as some professional wizard had just waved his wand.

For a service business. It is a perfect choice because it allows for keeping the information stacked all in one place.

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Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is a single page based theme that caters to all your varying services.

It is a single-page-based theme that caters to all your varying services, for which you will have a section on the main page. You can add a finishing touch to it by including a contact form. Where most of your non-emergency calls will land.

As you may have guessed from the name, Zerif Lite is a free version of the premium theme called Zerif from the house of Themeisle.

However, it does not lack any particular features. On the contrary, it is meant to appear sharp on both mobile and desktop screens. Hence, it makes Zerif Lite an option worth dying for!

Finally! The image in place of the header is huge, and thereby the quality of the image does not become compromised.

If you want to add a picture of your entire team in the header area and that in hi-res. Well, all you need is a camera or better get yourself a photographer or even some serious stock photography, and you’re on!

» Zerif Lite is no longer available or supported.

In Conclusion

Above are few themes that can greatly benefit you with regards to your service business.

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