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PayPal vs Stripe vs vs Amazon Payments – Which Is Best for a WordPress Site

WordPress sites are easy to create. People are using this facility to the optimum level for their own advantage. If we have a look at contemporary times. Shops are shutting down rapidly due to increased rates of online shopping, and those who are continuing conventional ways of a shop are having their online presence as well.

Having an online presence of shops is not an option, it is the need. After getting an E-commerce site using WordPress, the owner has to keep a thorough check on the payments and other transaction activities and for this, he/she cannot trust any plugin blindly.

People will always remain and recommend the sites which have easy methods of paying and when your WordPress plugin is concerned here. There are four names that with their services have made their firm place. Basic needs like fast transactions, security from fraud methods, credit/debit card payments are the same for all these platforms which a customer desires.

But there are other things to look forward to.

Despite most of the same services, there are some exceptionally good options in the platforms mentioned below. They are different from each other and therefore, after going through them a user can himself decide which one to opt for regarding their WordPress plugin.


PayPal is a popular name when talks about WordPress plugins for payment occur.

PayPal is a popular name when talks about WordPress plugins for payment occur. It has easy-to-use features and comfortable interphase. WordPress PayPal plugin allows the user to easily create buttons like buy now, add to cart, and other similar options. If you have an online E-commerce store, then using PayPal for your WordPress plugin makes your money transactions really easy.

PayPal supports credit card payments as well. The feature that stands out in the PayPal plugin is PayPal Sandbox. With the help of PayPal Sandbox, you can do the purchase and check whether your transactions are done without any obstructions or there is room for things to be fixed.

For using this platform, make sure you have a PayPal account.

The amazing things that PayPal allows are adding many products to the cart; one can view the transactions done using the admin dashboard etc. Nearly 22 currencies are supported by PayPal so you do not have to worry about the currencies it backs. There are a plethora of them.

Another good thing is that PayPal is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and also works in complete synchronization with any WordPress theme available. Therefore, it ranks among one of the most compatible and user-friendly WordPress plugins present in this space.


Stripe supports more than 135 currencies and accepts payments through credit and debits cards..

While PayPal supports 22 currencies, Stripe leads here with a high margin as it supports more than 135 currencies and accepts payments through credit and debits cards. The exceptional feature of Stripe which no other similar platform offers is that while checking out. Buyers are not redirected to another page of your E-commerce site.

Instead, they remain on the store page only. This feature is highly liked by online buyers and is one of the reasons Stripe is a highly recommended WordPress plugin for online store purposes.

Apple Pay, Android Pay is also supported by Stripe. Not only this but many of the local payment methods are also backed by Stripe. Here, a 3D secure is present, called Stripe Radar which detects fraud within a fraction of a second and prevents any kind of unwanted forgery to occur with your site/business.

For recurring payments, there are options for subscription plans which are created easily using a Stripe account. This is linked to WordPress Pay Pro and using this, services such as trial periods, installments plans can be created.

To make things easier, this platform supports multi-language. Therefore, you can get your work processed in your own language without getting the trouble that otherwise happens. features like supporting one-time, recurring payments etc.

With other platforms of WordPress plugin present, one would wonder what offers that it has gained a fair amount of popularity. We will tell you! is not just another name in the arena of WordPress plugins to support payment methods.

Is designed in a manner to make this service comfortable and easily doable for the users. With common features like supporting one-time, recurring payments, and creating trial periods. A new feature has been recently added to this platform known as ‘Sync from’.

What this feature does is that it lets the admin view the transactions which do not appear in the database. Therefore, this is essential for record-keeping and saves a lot of time. Other services that offers are. It accepts payment on any post i.e. buyers do not have to leave the page while processing their payments.

Service addition is unlimited, buttons generators customized and so whatever color, the font you like you can insert it in your site to make it visually appealing.

369 button icons are available and you can choose your type from the massive variety that is present, javascript validations, etc. These are few services among myriad others that this platform supports.

The main thing that users love about this platform is that the makers always keep adding new features to the platform time and again. To make it as easy to use for buyers as possible.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Pay is extremely attractive and an easy platform for receiving payments.

Amazon Pay is extremely attractive and an easy platform for receiving payments and other transaction stuff like refunding etc. It supports all kinds of services that a regular WordPress plugin should.

For example, recurring payments. One-time payments. With the addition of many products to the cart, you can easily install them.

User-friendly and easy-to-understand interphase, have the fraud-protection technology to protect from all sorts of fraudulent activities. Convenient paying method trusted protection etc. It includes all the services which the above-written platforms do.

It should be known that Amazon Pay does not give the ease to buyers to pay for any page or post. Payment has to be done from one and only one page which a site will redirect you while you check out. Some users can find this inconvenient over Stripe (which does not take the buyer to another page for payment).

It has high security and Amazon is a big name in the online world. The trust factor with Amazon Pay is considerable.

Maggie Sawyer is a Sr. Web Developer at MarkupHQ Ltd., a leading high quality of markup conversion service provider company with a global reach. She is an expert in WordPress customization services and able to PSD to WordPress conversion services with guaranteed 100% client satisfaction. She enjoys writing useful tutorials especially related to the world of WordPress.

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