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Writer – Professional WordPress Theme for Writers and Freelancers


In order to create a strong brand in a writing career, you need to share your ideas in a way that various readers will appreciate. Turning to WordPress is a very good solution that will provide you with a content publishing platform that you can use to reach millions of people. But one factor that will determine your path to success is the choice of theme that you will use to present your ideas. To achieve success, you need to build an audience that will actively and regularly share your content.

The WordPress Writer theme from MyThemeShop is your best chance to accomplish just that. The Writer theme is a professionally designed and aesthetically wrapped-up WordPress theme for professional writers, bloggers, authors, and journalists.

One impressive characteristic about this theme is its design which is very simple and elegant. It can channel more concentration and focus to your content and what you have to offer. An ideal theme for writers should be SEO friendly, lightweight, fully responsive, visually appealing and it should have an elegant typography.

The Writer theme for WordPress offers this and much more. This theme is suitable for all writing projects because it allows you to express your thoughts freely and clearly. With this, you will be able to grow your audience and your following spontaneously. Before we look at the main features of this theme, let us look at some of its benefits.

Benefits of the Writer Theme

Apart from top level content organization, using the writer theme for your content publishing and presentation needs has a number of other benefits, these benefits include;

This theme will enable you to professionally design your website according to a writer’s and a reader’s point of view since it has been customized for publishing content and blog posts, it has features that will help you to place everything exactly where you need it. This will result in a professionally looking website with the least effort.

This theme will help you to build and improve your personal brand. Personal branding entails positioning yourself ahead of your competition. If you are already a prolific writer, personal branding is just as important in your content marketing as any other technique. The Writer theme is designed to help you create a writing portfolio that will showcase all your strengths and writing skills.

This theme will help you to take control of your audience’s perception and showcase your side of the story. The writer theme has a variety of theme options and settings that will help you to customize the feel of your website. With this ability, you will be able to guide your audience and help them perceive what you want them to.

Some Features of the Writer Theme That Make It Amazing Include;

Writer – Professional WordPress Theme for Writers and Freelancers

Its unique home page design that is simple but beautiful enough to turn all your visitors into regular readers, subscribers and buyers. This home page has three pre-defined layouts that you can choose from. These layouts are uniquely designed with pixel perfect laying in each section.

Two header layer options that you can choose from which will allow you to select a unique header design for your site at the click of a button.

3 different layout designs that you can select for your blog posts which give you, even more, customization options.

Using a drag and drop feature, you will have the ability to rearrange your homepage to fit your content needs and even disable some sections of the page that you don’t need.

The Writer theme is fully responsive. It is founded on a grid layout that will enable your whole website and its content to fully adapt to all mobile devices and a variety of screen sizes. Check out the demos.

It is SEO friendly. The Writer theme has minimal coding which makes it very lightweight and ultra-fast. It has also been incorporated with some search engine optimization features which will substantially enhance your site’s ranking.

WooCommerce compatible so you can easily set up an online store just minutes after installing it.

It features 11 powerfully designed custom widgets which will enable you to effortlessly customize your site and improve its visual appeal.

Optimized for AdSense. Using its inbuilt ad management system, you will be able to place your AdSense ads without having to use any codes. This will save you a lot of time and increase your revenue.

Writer – Professional WordPress Theme for Writers and Freelancers

An off-canvas mobile menu that will sleekly and clearly display items in your menu in an organized manner for mobile devices which will greatly increase your mobile user’s engagement with your content.

4 unique pagination options which you can access from your theme options to enable you to organize and set up your posts and pages in the easiest way possible.

A vast unlimited spectrum of colors that you can use to build a very attractive and unique site appearance and blog presentation for your audience.

Unlimited and incredible background set up options which will allow you to maximize your innovation and build an eye-catching site that everyone will love.

Impressive Ajax loading capabilities which will save your servers a lot of resources and allow your site to load very fast. This will improve your site’s rankings.

The Writer theme has been optimized for speed. It has no bloated codes and unnecessary graphics and features which will greatly reduce the loading speed of your pages.

Compatible with the WordPress mega menu plugin. This theme integrates seamlessly with the WordPress mega menu plugin which has been specifically designed to enhance your sites navigation options.

Font awesome icons which are well integrated and made available for you to use anywhere on your site. You can use these icons at any time to create visually appealing and refined content.

All Google fonts are included in this theme for enthusiasts and writers who love exploring different types of fonts for their text.

1-click installation feature which really simplifies the process of installing this theme and setting up the theme layer. It also has a 1-click update feature which enables you to conveniently update this theme whenever a new version is available. With these abilities, you will be able to set up the theme layers with the skill levels of a professional.

Import and export options which are inherently added to the core of the theme to make all your data importing and exporting tasks easier and more convenient.

Translation ready so you can comfortably write your content in any native language since it will be translated automatically whenever there is a need to.

This theme supports left to right content presentation. Which is a very convenient option for writers who write in languages that require a right to left content display.

It has a child theme support feature which will enable you to edit and test different page layouts and theme structures without making any changes to the theme files. This will help you to easily modify your pages and set them up immediately after you are completely satisfied.

It has high-quality video tutorials which will guide you when you are getting started and answer all your questions as you proceed. With this tutorial, you don’t require any expertise for a complete setup.

The Writers theme has been extensively and comprehensively documented so you will have access to straightforward instructions on every step that you will take to set up this theme.

All your questions and issues will be tackled by a 24/7 dedicated online technical support team which will make setting up and using this theme an amazing experience all the way.


Writing interesting, mind blowing and informative content is the best way to tap into an audience and get them to love your work and appreciate you. For your work to be more effective and rewarding, you have to keep your audience engaged. How you present your work is what will attract visitors to your content and keep them interested in what you have to offer.

The Writer WordPress theme for professional content marketers, bloggers, journalists, writers, and freelancers offers more than a classic presentation. Its ease of use and customization options will set your content a bar higher than your competitors. Explore the demos of this WordPress theme and experienced an enhanced content delivery capability.

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